Kingfisher Park is open for bird watchers. The best times are in the morning or at dusk — (1) to (2) hours after dawn and/or (1) to (2) hrs before sunset. The ideal time is around 5:00am to 10:00am. Days with strong winds or heavy rain are not suitable for birdwatching because it's not likely that the birds will fly around.

Prior arrangements are necessary for us to conduct this activity.

The cost is Php500/person per day with lunch. This excludes the expertise of a local bird guide from Coron and transfers. Guide fee is 1000php for up to a group of (10) birdwatchers or 1:2 ratio for professional photographers. Transfers will vary.

Also listed below are some helpful tips to make your experience an enjoyable and unforgettable one.

Getting ready for a trip:

  • Join a bird-watching group.

  • Choose a bird-watching spot.

  • Try to find out what species of the birds of prey you might see there. Look through your field guide.

  • Put your bird-watching equipment in one compact rucksack or bag: binoculars (if you have any), field guide, bird-watching journal, pen, etc.

  • Take a bottle of water and a sandwich.

  • Wear camouflage or dark clothes, so that you can blend with the nature around you and the birds might not feel your presence.

  • Put on warm clothes because you may stand on one and the same place for a long time. If it's summer, put on a cap because it might become very hot out there.

It is also very important to follow these rules whenever you go bird watching:

  • Stay quiet so that you don't disturb birds of prey.

  • Be sure to NOT frighten birds of prey from their nests — they might not come back.

  • Take care of the habitat while you are watching. Keep your area clean.

  • Be careful how you move or talk. Do not make fast moves and do not shout.

  • Watch out for the reactions of the birds of prey. If you observe any nervousness or discomfort in them, back off.