Take a hike along the stately peak of Malbato's most picturesque mountain, Lunes Santo. Literally meaning "Holy Monday", the ascent to the island's highest peak is considered a challenge bordering on a religious experience. The mountain trail grants an excellent opportunity to see rare flora and fauna native to Malbato. Tread through hidden forest and jungle pathways and climb Lunes Santos' paths to enjoy the breathtaking vistas and rolling hills of the surrounding environs.


Local guides will accompany you on this three hour trek to the four stations, each possessing its own unique view of the wildlife in the area. Watching the sun rising at the summit is very rewarding after a difficult climb. On return, there will be an option for short stop at the park's chapel located on top of a hill and a refreshing dip at the "suba" or stream while brunch is being prepared. Early risers and physically fit guests should not miss this activity.

Trekking to the park's Virgin Forest will be substituted for those who are not physically able to do the climb or weather and trail conditions not permitting.

Guests need to wear loose clothing and carry hats, water, and sunglasses. Sunblock and insect repellent are necessities. Also, sneakers are the recommended footwear; however, depending on the weather, there may be areas that require wading through water.

Cost is Php400/person.