Deep into one of the forests of Kingfisher Park flows a recently discovered waterfalls of crystal clear spring water. From the main highway the trek to the waterfalls goes through open fields and a gentle sloping hill of lush vegetation and tall forest trees.


The forest is alive with streams of fresh water and various forms of plant and animal life. A leisurely trek of about 2 hours to the falls will allow you to see beautiful wild flowers in bloom, rare plants, various species of birds in the branches of the tall trees, endemic frogs, turtles, fish and freshwater crabs in the streams, and if you're lucky sightings of monkeys and wild boars. You will be captivated by the beautiful natural landscape of rocks, flowing water and vegetation.

The falls are a welcome sight after the long warm walk. The water is cool and refreshing. You can drink this water as it is natural clear spring water filtered by nature. The rock formation here clearly shows how water has shaped its surroundings after hundreds of years. Undoubtedly, the nature lover will be awed by what can be discovered in the area.

Because the trek is in the thick forest where humidity is high, it is recommended that light clothes be used. Also trekking rubber boots would be best footwear as you will need to cross streams as well as walk on rocks and sometimes slippery forest ground. The ground is covered with dried leaves which can be hiding places of insects and even snakes, so the boots will definitely protect you. The use of insect repellants is also recommended.

The KP guides to the waterfalls know the trail and are very well equipped with the knowledge and skill to assure the visitor of a wonderful and enjoyable trek and discovery.

Cost is Php400/person.